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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tangerine Tango - Pantone's colour for 2012

Pantone has released its predicted colour for 2012 - Tangerine Tango.

Its a fruity number that's more of a red orange. I think it'll be a polarising colour, you either love it or not. For interiors, a little dash can liven things up. Tangerine can work beautifully with aqua, taupe, green and grey.

It's no surprise that this colour has eventuated, we've seen it making an appearance in cosmetics with tangerine to coral gold lipstick colours creating a summer buzz as an alternative look.

Funny thing is I was in Witchery on Saturday looking at a tangerine top and telling my daughter how the tangerine colour really suits me even though I have English porcelain skin. So maybe I should buy the tangerine top and be seen as on trend?

Here's some interior shots to help illustrate how Tangerine can be worked into a scheme.

India Hicks holiday home - Windermere.
Here Tangerine sits very well with other ice cream colours making a very happy jolly interior scheme.

I quite like the tangerine in the coral pictures and it does work with aqua blue.

What a door - you can't miss this one.
Maybe a tad too bright but the dark grey is certainly needed to ground such an intense colour.

Tangerine was made for the Palm Springs look.
Here bamboo pieces are painted tangerine in a high gloss finish.

A little tangerine goes a long way in interiors, for those who are not too sure about this colour, baby steps are perfectly fine, a vase, a cushion or a tray like this one is all you need to aclimatise to the new trend.

This is Tommy Bahama, I really love the peek of tangerine on the floating ceiling feature, tropical, unexpected yet brillant .

So give tangerine a chance, try a little dash and see if you like it, it could open up a new world for you to explore.

Happy Island Styling.

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