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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Castaway Christmas - The Present Appetiser

No one really knows the true origin of the Christmas Stocking.

Popular European legend has it that St Nicholas overheard villagers telling the story of a poor man who had 3 daughters who he could not afford for them to get married.

St Nicholas wanted to help so at midnight he crept into the house to give the 3 daughters each a bag of gold, looking for something to but the bags in he found their stockings, placed the bags of gold in them and when the daughters awoke the next day where over joyed (as you would be).

(image John Lewis)

Today stockings come in a myriad of decorative styles and no longer look like a real stocking or sock. I recall my mother & father telling me that they used to get an orange in their stockings in the 60's and this was a real treat - how things have changed!

We have stockings as part of our family Christmas tradition for the children, these are opened first before the 'big' presents. Call it an appetiser before the main event. It's always fun and I'm preparing myself for a 5am wake up call to witness these Christmas present hors d'oeuvre's.

Here are a few more gorgeous coastal inspired stockings - how gorgeous.

I really like this idea as an alternative to the traditional stocking shape.
Its beachy and easy - perfect.

I love this last one.

(all images Pinterest, unless stated)

Merry Happy Island Styling.

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