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Welcome to Oceania Island Living. We absolutely adore coastal island lifestyle, forever stylish and serene, fresh and authentic and always creative and inspiring. So pull up your sun lounger and experience coastal island style by our shores, we guarantee you'll not want to leave...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The New Oceania Revealed - Brand New Website Details

At last we've finally launched the brand new Oceania Island Living website and it's going to be a beauty.

We want to thank all of you lovely readers for taking an amazing interest in Oceania, and the gorgeous support we've received from some very special friends we've made along the way on this incredible journey.

The Blogger site will still be around for a little while, but all the new articles, giveaways, trend news etc. will be on the new site.

As it's a Wordpress site, you can join up by either subscribing through e-mail or become a linky friend and join the lovely coastal island crew.

So pop on over when you're free and have a lovely stroll around the island. All the current articles here are on the new site and will be much easier to find.

There will be more to follow on the new site as it gets fully up to speed soon. After weeks of hard work, it's all nearly completed but we just couldn't wait to let you all see it - we're calling it the 'peek a boo' launch.

So with our sea plane ready, hop on board and we'll take you to the newest Oceania island:

Happy Island Styling.


  1. Good luck on your *move* :) Cannot wait to start visitng here, thanks for linking up to The Mermaid!