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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Castaway Christmas - Alternative Christmas Greenery

I love these little darlings, air plants in glass hanging aeriums, fit for any gorgeous & eco conscious Christmas tree. In Australia we have plenty of air plants, they dot the rainforest's and are simply amazing.

I also think its so cool now that there are companies renting out live Christmas trees in pots, once you've finished with the tree they take it back and plant it - it has to be the way forward.


This is a succulent cutting, threaded onto wire, will last for a few weeks apparently and makes for an unusual yet charming bauble alternative. Afterwards it will be perfectly fine to plant and start its new life in a pot or garden, now that's great recycling.


It's like a little magical garden world encapsulated in a glass sphere - delightful and perfect for Christmas.


I'm going to have a go at creating these because they look spectacular all year round.

(all images Flora Grubb)

Happy Christmas Island Styling.

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