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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Castaway Christmas - In the Advent

It's so fantastic to see creative and craftie advent calenders appearing now after the cheap cardboard  & chocolate varieties that hound the supermarkets.

(image from Homes & Antiques)

The advent calender came from Germany over 100 years ago. The traditional ones have 24 days whereby extra treats can be added to the 24th day for Christmas Day. Advent Calenders with 25 days are a recent introduction from America.

I'm certainly going to create a new one for next year, have got my eye on converting a couple of cloth shoe holder hangers because these have ready made pockets set for personalising - a cool no sew option.

For more inspiration, feast your eyes on these gorgeous examples.

So simple, yet so cute.
(image Pinterest)

Noodle Box advents where made for kids to get creative - easy peasy idea.
(image Bodie & Fou)

A beautiful idea, once created can be used year after year - how magical for children.
(image House to Home)

This one reminds me of a rustic country look.
Galvanised steel buckets would look fab with some burlap, red & white butchers twine & plain luggage tickets.
(image House to Home)

(image House to Home)

You can get these from Laura Ashley - what a lovely idea.

Baby sock advent
(image Martha Stewart)

This is stunning and my absolute favourite.
(image Pinterest)

Happy Island Styling.

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