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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pretty Birds all in a Row - Gorgeous Tropical Bird Antique Illustrations

I love antique botanics and bird illustrations. They are amazingly beautiful and fascinating to look at. This was how many a botanist or zoologist captured what they had observed on travels and expeditions.

Here are a few gorgeous Australian tropical birds illustrated by John Gould in the 19th century.

The Rosella is a beautiful tropical bird, we had 2 Crimson Rosella's in our garden in NSW, they were always happily greeted each day as they paraded up and down the fence together.

Apparently these lovely birds are now extinct in Australia, they were native to NSW.

This is a yellow Rosella, interesting because it looks like a cross between a Budgie and a Rosella.

Western Rosella's.

India Hicks bedroom with antique bird prints on the wall.

And now meet Cyril, isn't he sweet.
He's such a cute vintage inspired ceramic parrot - similar to the kind Catherine Martin used in the film Australia. Catherine loves Australiana and sparked a huge interest in Australian flora and fauna especially in its modern stylistic representations.

You can find the gorgeous Cyril at coastalhome.com.au

Happy Island Styling.

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