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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My South Pacific Beach Style Wedding Revealed

Today, 9 years ago I tied the knot with my beautiful husband Richard with a South Pacific style beach wedding on beautiful Shelley beach in Manly, Sydney Australia.

The traditional call to ceremony in the South Pacific, plus some eye candy for the girls!
Not a bad start to a beach wedding.

Demure or nervous? Actually I was quite relaxed.

Newly married at the gates of the Tourism College in Manly.

Time together on North Head, Sydney.

Here we are on Manly's boardwalk just before heading into reception for a well deserved Champers.
I think Rich is giving his best Zoolander look.

Lets get the party started!
These guys where fabulous, a lovely island family who actually stole the show, great fun.

Instead of the traditional bridal waltz, we broke the ice with these guys. No-one knew this was going to happen. Dessert was served and then the beating of drums echoed through the reception followed by the best looking coconut girls and buff boys - dessert was put on hold.

After their dancing we all got up and partied under the Manly stars, great day, fabulous night.

Happy Anniversary darling xxx

Happy Island Styling.

(All images Zoe Milburn)


  1. Looks fabulous. Very original.

    Carolyn xx

  2. looks like a great wedding and a beautiful beach to be married on!

  3. Zoe (Oceania Island Living)January 25, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    Thanks Guys. So glad I'm not getting married today, we're having an absolute monsoon here on the Goldie. I may have to hire a boat to pick up my daughter this afternoon from school!

    Zoe x