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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Nice Surprise - Thanks Squeezed Daily

Catching up yesterday on my favourite blogs I had a lovely surprise.

Sarah at Squeezed Daily has ranked Oceania Island Living in her top 5 blog picks for 2011. Sarah's also got a beautiful fun blog celebrating tropical lifestyle at squeezeddaily.blogspot.com

I'm so honoured with this and it's lovely to have my work appreciated. What you may not know is that behind the scenes of Oceania, I lead a very busy life working professionally full time in the interiors industry as a designer, I'm also mum to an energetic 7 year old and with that a house to run too, I do not have a nanny or staff to help out just my lovely hubby who's very supportive.

So the hours I do have free I pour into Oceania because I just love it. Oceania is my passion and it's steadily growing, so I do appreciate all your wonderful support.

The most exciting part has to be all the wonderful comments I get particularly when people discover Oceania for the first time. I do feel I make a positive and inspiring impact and will absolutely endeavour to keep on delivering beautiful posts to you all in 2012, with your support that is. So do spread the word on Oceania with your friends, family & associates, it'll keep this multi-plate spinning coastal loving lady a chance to keep bringing you more of what you love.

Happy Island Styling

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