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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day

It's the 26th January 2012 a special day for all Australians as we celebrate Australia and what it means to be an Australian.

I became an Australian citizen 9 years ago, on the day after my wedding - talk about a huge weekend. After such an amazing series of celebrations my husband & I headed to Hamilton Island for our honeymoon.

Hamilton Island is in the Whitsundays, home to the Great Barrier Reef. An amazing magical place I'll never forget and will continue to visit for many years to come.

This has to be nature at its most spectacular best.
The vivid greens, blues, turquoises and aquas are all a heavenly mix to me.

And so it was a simple decision when I chose my engagement ring a year before I was married.

Australian Opal.
A magical and delicate stone.
One that captures all the colours of a lagoon.

When we visited the prestigious opal jeweller Guillians the very hardest thing was to choose the opal.
How do you choose just one of these very special stones? The jeweller's answer was, 'let the opal chose you'. And so it did, 10 years on it still resonates with me, I love it. Through the opal I will always have these beautiful lagoons at my very fingers tips.

I love Australia, it is a magical and wonderful place, it inspired me to create Oceania Island Living, and this I will keep bringing to you, a little slice of inspiration to share with you all.

Happy Australia Day.

Happy Island Styling.

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  1. Happy Australia day to you too!, we do have the most amazing reefs here, stunning images Zoe.
    Sar x

  2. absolutely stunning photos and colours!!