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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Create your own paradise - Coastal Coaster

I'm starting a new and regular feature called 'Create your own paradise'.

This is where we inspire you to get all crafty and make your very own creations, serious fun, serious decorating and most importantly serious celebrating of all things coastal and tropical in an island styling way.

Today, its the humble coaster that gets a make over.

Take a few unglazed stone tiles and brush them well with Mod Podge. Take a paper napkin or other desired image (I'm loving maps at the moment) and cut fit tiles. If using a napkin peel off the two backing layers of the napkin and apply the design to the surface of the tile. Leave them overnight to dry then sand the edges with a foam sanding pad before varnishing. Stick on some clear bumps underneath to protect your tables.

So simple, so chic.

Image and instructions from Tara Dennis.

Happy island styling!

1 comment:

  1. Zoe,
    I love this idea! I think I could probably even handle this craft- (I like to think I am creative, although I don't think I am very "crafty"). Thanks for the inspiration!