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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Create your own paradise - Its a wrap

I'm making a conscientious decision to try and purchase items out of sustainable natural materials this year. So out with the plastics and hello bamboo, rattan, coconut etc.

And that got me thinking. Why not use natural materials to wrap presents. We wrap food in bark and banana leaves, so why not gifts?

image Martha Stewart

You can incorporate flowers, spinifex, a variety of leaves in various colours, shells, feathers etc. Wrap in twine, or secure with toothpicks. It's really easy, and makes a unique and lovely statement.

I even love the idea of using long tropical leaves to wrap bottles up in or even using ghost leaves (available in craft stores) to add an ethereal element or look at coconut and mother of pearl buttons to embellish.

A little imagination and a lot of fun creates something truly unique with natures beautiful bounty.

Happy island styling!

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