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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stylish Colonial Interiors

There's something very romantic about the colonial look. It's light and summery and with its dark contrasted furniture set against crisp white offers a cool elegant style.

Add some palm leaves and beautiful prints and you have a beautiful timeless island interior.

Classic colonial interior

A modern translation of colonial.

This reminds me of scenes from Out of Africa.

Harbour Island Hotel

The classic colonial chair, made for relaxing

Although this is a modern interior, the elements
are very much influenced by the colonial look.

Part of the colonial look is to incorporate world
travel collectables.

A colonial desk, perfect for stylish correspondence.

Happy Island Styling


  1. Hello
    Do you know where the colonial chair you have featured is from?
    Ta! Jo

  2. Hi Jo, not this one but there are some great companies out there that do similar, just google plantation chair and you're area and that will hopefully bring up some options. I'm based in Australia, if you are local too I can give you some more pointers. Have a gorgeous day. Zoe x