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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat - Stylish Creepy Coastal

I absolutely adore styling, but unfortunately I rarely get the time to do any of this good stuff at home.
So today spurred on by my very excited 7 yr old who was dressed in pink tights with black witches on them, I indulged in some spooky styling, just in time for ye ole Hallows Eve.

I really enjoyed playing around this morning creating a spooky yet stylish Halloween inspired trayscape. Trayscapes are my adopted invention, they are genius for styling in a real home, need space just move the tray off the table and your creative vignette is still intact - marvellous thing for a designer at home.

So here are the results of my spooky stylin' Sunday escapade.

My spooky inspiration was to inject some stylish and romantic Gothic elements into the mix.

I played with the images in Coral Paint shop and love this effect.
It's edgy, hard, masculine and a little eerie.

My main aim with the spooky styling was to abandon all the cheap Halloween rubbish out there, so only the stylish remained, tricky bit is to do this in a coastal setting.

I  love the way the silver pineapple has replicated in this stylised image, I think I've just invented a new twist on Halloween - Spooky Glam.

Come on girls, lets set this new trend!

This was an experiment - I have a zebra inspired rug and I quite like the contrast of the smooth white coral and black bat on the contrasting stripes, very Film Noir.

This is an overhead shot of my trayscape, I quite like the orange filter over the black and white image - very Tim Burton. 

Whilst searching around home for props I looked at the India Hicks Island Night candle I have.
How perfect it is for a coastal Halloween with its Gothic silver coral sprawling around a dark glass holder.

The final image, my stylishly spooky coastal trayscape.

Mixing Coastal and Halloween elements is not an easy thing to do, but I'm happy with the results - what do you think?

I'm very excited about this new take on Halloween decorating that a lot of you are creating and sharing online.
Let me know what cool creepy coastal creative you've styled recently in your home.

Happy 'Spooky' Island Styling.

(All images by Oceania Island Living)


  1. You have a beautiful blog and way of writing...I love your non-traditional style ideas for Halloween. I'm not really one to decorate for anything but Christmas, but I also have a 1 and 2 year old, so I don't really decorate :) One day. I'm a new follower - I know that stopping by your blog will be a welcome retreat as it continues to get colder here (Ohio, USA)

  2. Thanks Erin for your lovely feedback. Even though blogging takes a little time, I love it and I'm so stoked you and my other readers do too, so I really appreciate the support because it means I can share more with you.

    Thanks also for following, it's so fantastic to have another friend on board the lovely Oceania Island.

    Zoe x

  3. Truly inspirational, well done. Happy Halloween.

  4. Thanks Simone & Jody. I also love, love, love your new company fabrictraders.com.au. I'll have to pop by soon and indulge in some gorgeous fabric fix.

    Zoe x