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Monday, October 3, 2011

Great Design Renaissance Dawn

I have always been intrigued by the Art Deco style.

A backlash to the Great Depression of the 1930's. It's engineered style of straight lined geometry, high contrasted colours and flamboyant luxe materials puts it into a category of an uber style classic.

What I find fascinating at present during all the GFC's, the worldwide recessions that nobody wants to admit and the shifting power bases, is the underlying trend for stylish sustainability that's just as beautiful as the Art Deco years - but much more level headed.

I'm predicting a Renaissance of sorts whereby our design focus will again be highlighted by stylishly beautiful objects but this time with an eco-conscience twist, that uniquely makes them more attainable - thanks in part to the shift in mindset of up-cycling, re-cycling and cool crafting.

So today, I'm going back to the source with Giorgio Armani. He too loves Art Deco and has been inspired to design his own collection in homage to this great style.

Beautiful and striking cabinet.
Orange is the perfect pick me up colour.

Hollywood luxury, whereby craftsmanship
stood out and was valued above mass reproduction.

I love textiles. These are so beautiful, opulent
in texture yet restrained in colour.

This is the new take on Art Deco design that is
really starting to emerge. Shapes that are largely square
but have been softened by the rounding of edges.
It's a perfect balance of yin & yang.

More eco inspired art deco shapes.

Minimalism is a refinement, a purism that pairs
back excess and yet retains all beauty.

(all images courtesy of Giorgio Armani)

Happy Island Styling.

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