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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sucker for a good strap line

In my previous career I was the high flying advertising exec. working in London for one of the most famous and infamous advertising agencies in the world. So it comes as no surprise how even now I'm still a sucker for a great strap line!

Watch out for my strap line of the month. You'll see it posted under the Oceania Island Living headline. This month's is courtesy of Corona lager. Their advertising screams Summer, and I've always considered the beer to be synonymous with golden summer sunshine - and it certainly hits the spot on a hot, hot day!

From where you'd rather be, is a wonderful spin on wish you where here. Genius! And who wouldn't want to be. Well I think it was just made for Oceania Island Living. I know this is where I'd rather be, and I'm sure you too.

Happy Island Styling!

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