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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Island Ocean Offerings

During a hot, humid and rather wet afternoon in the Queensland tropics there's nothing more relaxing than putting paint to canvas and creating a little treasure to add to the collection. I've always loved painting & drawing, but with a young family in tow I have to grab these moments with both hands.

I have a lovely collection of similar paintings and sketches, let me know what you think of them. Maybe I can pair them up with some beautiful frames I have in storage and give you the opportunity to purchase a little Oceania Island Treasure?

These are still works in progress, but its a good sneak peek
into my artistic endeavours.

And here's the inspiration.
 Two large boxes of the most wonderful Ocean offerings
I received for Christmas

Happy Island Styling!


  1. Very Talented Artist in Progress! I love, love the red coral one!

  2. Was blog hopping this morning and happened upon your marvelous blog.

    Have a beachy day & hope to see you sometime at our Coastal Lifestyle Blog: http://NauticalCottageBlog.com

  3. The paintings are great and your blog is equally wonderful :)

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and it's neat to find fellow India Hicks, island-stylin' folks out there....and how wonderful to see you're in Queensland, AU! About every other year I go to Melbourne for a month to visit with my older brother, his family and my AU-relatives- always sooo much fun and I feel that it is my home away from home.

    All the best, Lachlan