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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oceania Island Living has been awarded

How awesome to find Oceania Island Living has been awarded a Stylish Blogger Award, especially after such a long day yesterday (first day in new office after transfer, heading up design for one of Australia's most respected builders)!

So a big thank you to the lovely Shelley at http://calypsointhecountry.blogspot.com/ for the award and making my day special. 

In honour of this award I've been asked to reveal a little bit about myself and vote my top ten blog-tastic sites, so here goes:

1. My all time number 1 island paradise is The Cook Islands. I've travelled the South Pacific and have absolutely fallen in love with it - true picture book paradise.

image Fiji Tourism

2. I love food and I love to cook. At the moment I'm in love with Caribbean and Spanish cuisines. I've also been trialing Native Australian & New Zealand foods here and adore using Lemon Myrtle and Wattle Seeds.

image Fiji Tourism

3. I get nostalgic in winter time in Oz for my homeland - England. Don't ask me why but even after 10 years in Oz I still miss elements of England. So in these moments a make a good cup of tea (in a china cup) and indulge in a hobnob or 2.

image Etsy.com

4. Aussie beaches rock! I'm not talking about the usual tourist haunts. I'm talking about the absolute beauty of those almost untouched beaches, too many to name but you're never far away from one living as the Aussies do - a nation of coastal dwellers.

5. When I'm not painting or drawing I'm crafting! My toolbox is an ever expanding visual feast of opportunity. When I get some spare time I delve in. It's the experimentation and creating of something that's unique, beautiful, functional or just all out gorgeous. Also adore Spotlight (hardware for girls!)

image marthastewart.com

6. I've fallen in love with Island music. Well the BBC documentary soundtrack to South Pacific composed by David Mitcham - truly magnificent.

7. Lastly I'm a bit of a Magpie. Can't help but be attracted to beautiful things. I collect vintage pottery, beautiful vintage dresses from America and tropical shells because well, they are so amazing.

So here are my top ten sites, I'm going to cheat here because some are websites as opposed to blog sites, but they are all so inspiring and lovely, well worth a visit:

Happy Island Styling!

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