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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goddess Jewels

Island jewellery fit for any sun goddess is simple in form, but beautiful in aesthetics.

This cuff from Heidi Klein has the most wonderful
brushed gold finish. Not really a gold girl,
but loving the soft opaqueness of this piece

Loving the individual coral like pieces
on this necklace from Dinosaur Designs

Simple bangles evoke textures of the beach
image Dinosaur Designs

Shells suspended in sea bubbles
image Dinosaur Designs

image Dinosaur Designs

This necklace looks amazing with aqua
image elk

I love the naturalness of this 
image elk

So cute
image Dinosaur Designs

The ultimate island girls jewel
Black pearls are found in the South Pacific
and they are amazingly beautiful

Happy Island Styling!

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