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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter - Island Chickies

The way my daughter has been going crazy this past week counting down the days to Easter Sunday, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was Christmas.

But when I thought about it today, I do remember being very excited about Easter when I was young. It was always a competition between my brother and I for how many Easter eggs we were going to get and, who was going to get the best surprise in the middle of those large chocolate cased and beautifully foiled creations.

I also remember my Mother trying to get us to save our Easter eggs, to eat them slowly - hummmm sorry Mum but that was just futile!

So tomorrow I'm going to sit back and let my daughter go for it. I know she'll overdose on chocolate, I know she'll be buzzing off the walls on some crazy sugar hit, but I reckon we should all just go for it.

So whilst I'm off to create an Easter egg hunt around the house and organise a Mad Hatters tea party, here's a few delightful Easter styled images to get you revved up for the Easter bunny madness!

Hippty hop...

I love this image because it reminds me of
Springtime - this is the eternal season I associate with
Easter and because it's a little bit vintage too!
image Martha Stewart

Vintage with a twist, perfect for a Mad Hatters tea party.
image Etsy

There is something about vintage & Easter,
they just go so well together
image The Keep Calm Gallery

image Jane Means Eggs

image Jane Forster Designs

As you can see I have Springtime on my mind -
 little birdie too cute.

image House of Turquoise

Gorgeous tropical Easter coloured interior
image Sunset Magazine

Cute as a button

image Not on the High Street

Happy 'Easter' Island Styling!

Hop, hop, hop....

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