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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jet Set in an Island Bottle - The Ultimate Destination Fragrance Collection

Michael Kors Island fragrance collection keeps on expanding as he travels to more exotic islands in search to redefine and create wonderful fragrances evocative of tropical island living. This kind of island hopping never smelt so good!

I love the strikingly simple chunky chic square glass bottles and the wash of tropical colours within each edition is so unbelievably gorgeous.

This is modern island style, like Kelly Wearstler's rendition of the luxury resort in Anguilla, West Indies these fragrances capture the new coastal traveller who wants it stylish, evocative and luxe.

Michael Kors Island collection is jet-set style in a bottle with a real fragrance destination.

The turquoise glass bottle was inspired by the sparkling waters of the Caribbean. Michael has brought the island spirit to life in this amazing hued bottled and fragrance.
The fragrance is fresh and voluptuous, a succulent scent that combines lush florals with subtle fruit and woodsy accords. It contains dewy, sparkling top notes of Chinese kiwi, honeysuckle, and parrot tulip. Lush, vibrant heart notes of champaca flowers, ginger lilies, Bulgarian rose, and stephanotis. Woody, smooth base notes of white bark accord, driftwood, and rice fields accord.
This is the most beautiful shade of coral pink glass. Island Bermuda by Michael Kors was presented in 2008 and was created by two perfumers, Loc Dong and Jean-Marc Chaillan, who enriched it with floral waves of freesia, hibiscus, black currant buds and leaves, tiare, peony,orange blossom, peony, passionflower, woody accords of cedar and leather.         

 Amber colours evoke a Hawaiian sunset in this bottle. A luminous scent bursts open with a kaleidoscope of citrus sensations; exhilarating clementine and juicy orange fuse with luscious neroli. Accents of hydroponic pineapple add to the tropical bliss. Exquisite orange flower accentuated with luxurious jasmine sambac and exotic Hawaiian ginger lilies transport the soul to the island destination and is amplified by sexy white amber, creamy sandalwood and rich, flowing balsamic notes reminiscent of warm tanned skin.

Exhilarating. Luminous. Exquisite.

Island Fiji is a full floral fragrance drawing inspiration from the Fijian tiare flower. The richness of tropical petals combines with the lushness of Polynesian waters. The striking fuchsia glass bottle is just gorgeous typifying tropical femininity.
The classic Mediterranean deep blue of the Aegean has been captured in this bottle of Island Capri.  Sparkling, colorful, carefree. You have arrived at the true beauty utopia, a vision of crystal waters, cascading rocks, and lush green expanse. A ray of sunlight, a sublime outdoor freshness, the intoxicating scent of succulent flowers-breathe in the true Mediterranean experience. Island Capri is a bright sparkling floral that is irresistibly elegant.          

Island Palm Beach, joins the Island collection as a fragrance that represents the retro glamour of the American destination.The fragrance is based on scents of pink grapefruit, sweet orange from Florida, jasmine, pink pepper, rum, black tea and vanilla.
The newest addition to the island collection Very Bali. Escape to Bali in a bottle, a getaway to the ultimate paradise filled with sexy sunsets that melt into ocean waves and lush green palms trees that sway in the cool breeze. Lose yourself in soft, sexy musk and a brilliant, textural fusion of earthy pamplewood and dry woods, inspired by the golden rays of the sun and the warm breeze off a sparkling ocean.

Michael has proved that fragrance really can transport you, so forget the travel agent this year and head to the perfume counter instead, were you can go island hopping in an instant courtesy of this gorgeous collection.

Wonder which island Michael's got in mind next?

Happy Island Styling.


  1. They all sound lovely! I love M.K and I need a new signature scent, so will definitely try some of these out! :) xo K

  2. Thanks Kirsty. Just how do you choose one of these? I reckon you need to island hop and try each one, however the colour bottles are so beautiful I'd by them all just to display and admire! Have a gorgeous day petal. Zoe x

  3. I LOVE your blog. So glad I found you...
    I will be checking in each day......
    Tania Maree xx

  4. Thanks Tania, I'm a big fan of your blog too. Zoe x