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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Island Queen Of Interiors - Welcome Amanda Lindroth

I just have to introduce you to Amanda Lindroth. You may have seen her work in Coastal Living magazine recently where she decorated Dunmore Beach Hotel in the Bahamas.

Amanda looking very relaxed and beachy.
Amanda is a Bahamas based interior designer and a master of the Island Style, her interiors speak volumes for themselves. They are absolutely gorgeous in every way. If you love the look of India Hicks style you really most see Amanda's work because it takes it to the very next level.

Today I'm showcasing the Club Villa that Amanda has worked her style charm on. Her interior style effortlessly crosses the bridge of past, present and future. You can see her love of the past and how respectfully she intertwines it with modern living.

This is true classic design. Design that stands the test of time because Amanda is a big believer in making things so beautiful that they will last for generations.

Mixing old world Caribbean colonial charm with a minimal modern aesthetic creates such calm and peaceful interiors.

I love the easy breezy style of the kitchen, it feels so comfortable and laid back. The directors chairs are stunning brought indoors around a simple kitchen table.

More directors chairs, this time around a larger casual dining table. Note that Amanda uses a lot of natural materials, wood, bamboo, wicker, rattan, shells etc.

Sheer elegant simplicity creates a serene bathroom space, with just a small pop of colour in the tangerine coral - simply beautiful.

Amanda likes to decorate with shells and introduces many into tablescapes.

A stunning bedroom with the quintessential four poster, again accented with tangerine to add warmth and intimacy into the space.

More bathroom details.

And finally I just wanted to show you a picture of the Old Fort Bay Amanda has completed, isn't it stunning? What a location, what a fantastic old building.

To see much, much more please visit her site and check out her stunning portfolio, I promise you'll love every single thing!

Have a gorgeous Saturday.

Happy Island Styling.


  1. a beautiful home! love the kaftan too.

  2. What a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing it wiht us :) xo K

  3. Yep... i was one of many to feature the Dunmore hotel, just as hurricane Irene was coming to shore in the Bahamas.... Thank you for this sneak peek, looks lovely, she really does know what she is doing!!!

    PS. thank you for listing me on your blogroll, hope I can inspire you as well! :)