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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tropical Outdoor Wellness Centres

I've been designing bathrooms with my colleague for 2 new display homes in Brisbane over the past week.

It's amazing how quickly and how much bathroom design has changed. We went from the utility room to the home spa and now bathroom philosophy has evolved into the wellness centre.

No longer is this practical area of the home just for cleaning or self indulging, it's now somewhere you should place great value on taking care of your health.

That translates into a space you need to look after yourself in, with all the latest and greatest fixtures and fittings possible. Whether that's a spa or steam bath, a chromotheraphy shower or a bathroom that opens out to nature but still has all the mod cons necessary for 21st century grooming and personal care.

I know it's marketing, but it's a lovely concept. Taking a once rather dull space into a highly desired inspirational escape - well it could almost be as good as a holiday.

So, lets indulge a little and escape to some of these amazing outdoor wellness centres.

A cool ceiling drencher, these are becoming
quite popular with recessed ceiling ones emerging on the market.

Such a tranquil place. really love the oak timber against the fresh
white and that beautiful blue sea - heaven.

This has to be the coolest bath. To see the fish below
whilst you bathe - this is what I call relaxation and fun.

Simple Mediterranean inspired outdoor shower, proving
it doesn't have to flash to be cool.

image Stuart Membery

Simple seaside inspired outdoor shower, great
for showering off from the beach.

I'm cheating here, it's not quite an outdoor bathroom,
but the integration and materials blend so well to
combine the bathroom with the outdoor space - it might as well be
an outdoor bathroom.

image Kelly Wearstler

This is the outdoor bathroom at Goldeneye in Jamaica,
tropical lush surroundings make this space a private
oasis - perfect for a Bond girl.

A modern yet simplistic approach.

Very zen, Japanese inspired bathing.

A beautiful image, back to basics bathing.
So romantic with the netting, bath time
should be like this everyday!

rest of images Pinterest

Happy island styling.

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  1. I love all of these pictures! So peaceful and inviting. Just gorgeous. Thanks for the follow on Twitter - love your blog!