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Saturday, August 13, 2011

British Colonial Island Style

There are many renditions of the classic British colonial style, but key elements always come through to pull the look together successfully.

This image below has many of those key components. The tropical leaf fronds, dark rich wood tones, botanical drawings of fauna and flora, ginger jar shaped vase, coral and dark rattan mirror frame. All combined they make up for an elegant yet classic vignette.

image Williams Sonoma

British colonial style has close connections with the Safari look. Ralph Lauren beautifully executes this classic colonial look. Masculine yet very romantic.

Some simple key components to get the British colonial island look. This look can be juxtaposed with modern contemporary additions to keep the feeling light and bright.

A classic British colonial bedroom, the star of the show is the four poster bed. This one is traditionally carved, but modern interpretations can give a fresh, modern feel to a traditional colonial look.

Happy Island Styling.


  1. Your island style montage is beautiful.

  2. Thanks, just adore this look.

  3. I'm in love with the styling of that first image - PERFECTION!