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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bamboo Cool

Bamboo has finally shaken off it's daggy Seventies image and is now officially the rapidly renewable design material of choice.

Yes, bamboo is cool.

With strength on par with steel, bamboo can be a great structural material.
image Pinterest

Stylised bamboo stainless steel cutlery.
 image Pinterest

We've seen brightly painted faux bamboo furniture pieces for a while now
and it can be pretty pricey in the shops.

If you like this look, charity stores often have bamboo furniture, mirrors etc.
all they need is a clean and a can of spray paint to achieve a very
similar look, so get creative.
 image Pinterest

Trippy looking light.
Bamboo has been split to achieve a 'hair' look to
diffuse the light.
image Pinterest

How cute, not only is this iPhone made of bamboo, it also
comes with little octopus, aahhhhh.
 image Pinterest

So simple, the bamboo ladder is a design classic.
 image Pinterest

More painted faux bamboo, love the yellow.
 image Pinterest

Bamboo mirrors look so cool painted. I especially like the mirrors painted white
on a deep feature coloured background, very stylish.
 image Pinterest

This is so awesome, a bamboo Vespa.
 image Pinterest

I like these chairs, they're quite striking.
 image Pinterest

Bamboo hair?
 image Pinterest

Cute vintage coat hanger.
 image Etsy

Bamboo frame, like the idea of the blackboard.
image Etsy

We love these pens from Iomoi.
 image Iomoi

Welcome to the future, plastic free I hope.
 image Pinterest

Happy Island Styling.

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  1. Hi there - every one a bamboo treat (except maybe the hair? Or only to marvel at - not to have!)

    Thanks for sharing -