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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Surf Tumbled Findings

There's something romantic about discovering shards of the past found surf tumbled from the ocean. Old pottery, glass, shells etc. The sense of journey, the curiosity of their origins that now become someone else's treasure, but what to do with such items except store or display?

Upcycling is the magic of combining creativity and things from the past that would otherwise be left discarded and forgotten.

Breathing new life into an old object so that it tells the next story is so rewarding and so it's easy to see how the hand craft boom came to flourish. Part knee jerk reaction to mass production (a la William Morris), part eco consciousness and part thrift.

So how delighted was I to find this simple idea using gifts from the sea and an all time favourite of mine, the humble button.

image press button a

Just so gorgeous
image press button a

image echos of summer

image press button a

Happy Island Styling!

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