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Welcome to Oceania Island Living. We absolutely adore coastal island lifestyle, forever stylish and serene, fresh and authentic and always creative and inspiring. So pull up your sun lounger and experience coastal island style by our shores, we guarantee you'll not want to leave...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Island Weddings

I thought that its about time for an island wedding update.

Have found for you all some gorgeous images (of course) and some beautiful items you may want to source (whether your getting married or not!)

image pacific weddings magazine

Coral cake topper
from Beautiful Beach Weddings

I love these!
Palm tree favors
from Beautiful Beach Weddings

Beautiful little box, ideal for a
wedding favor
from Island Collections

So cute, cute cute!
Coral place card holders
from Beautiful Beach Weddings

Happy Island Styling !

Island Gathering

When I found these images, my heart stopped.

Beautifully styled in every way, you could try the whole thing or just take elements for inspiration.

Enjoy my island friends and have a lovely day.

images pacific weddings magazine

Happy Island Styling!

Island Flowers

I love tropical flowers, a single bloom can be just as impressive as a whole bunch.

Here are some drop dead gorgeous ideas.

image pacific weddings magazine

image pacific weddings magazine

Happy Island Styling!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Create Your Own Paradise - Raffia

Nothing evokes tropical island than natural raffia.

So versatile, you can tie gifts, flowers, make tassels, weave into mats, embellish items etc. Every island girl should have raffia in her island treasure box.

Here are a few craft ideas to get your imaginations firing.

Message in a bottle
Adorn bottles or vases with raffia
image Martha Stewart

Embellished items
image Martha Stewart

Tie bunches of herbs & garlic
image Martha Stewart

Raffia is great for securing items
image Martha Stewart

Use to wrap presents

Happy Island Styling!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Magical Maldives

Fancy a quick holiday somewhere tropically gorgeous? Well lets go, no need to pack, no plane to catch.

The Beach House in the Maldives has it all when it comes to idyllic tropical island escapes.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

the ultimate office outlook

I love this glass panel in the floor to view marine life

All holiday blues should be like this

All images by The Beach House

Happy Island Styling!

Vanilla Essence

Vanilla has to be up there as one of my all time favourite fragrances. Its warm, welcoming and heady scent is so evocative of the exotic.

image wikipeadia

image Queen

Besides the gorgeous vanilla bean itself, Queen vanilla bean paste is excellent. I love it. It goes into baking, milkshakes and anything else that requires that gorgeous heart warming scent and taste.

Best of all, this premium product is extra value for money because...

image authors own

...when the vanilla's all gone, the gorgeous packaging makes the best small and beautiful craft storage jars - for free! I love it what a cool smart tropical buy!

Happy Island Styling!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Create your own paradise - Tropical Paperweight

This craft could not be quicker or simpler, yet the result looks really stunning.

Your friends will certainly ask you where you got this item from!

Take one photo paperweight, these are the ones that you can add your own photo's in - readily available in most gift shops and not too expensive - mine cost $10.

Take the image of your choice, here I used a gorgeous napkin from islandcollections.com.au. If like the napkin, the paper's a little thin, glue to a light weight piece of card, cut to shape using the paper image in the bought paperweight as a template. Cut carefully and place into paperweight.

The effect in the 3 dimensional glass cube is awesome. I'm going to have a go at using maps next. I bought an old vintage style atlas from a charity shop the other day so will post results soon to inspire.

Happy Island Styling!

Meet Charlie

A little side note to the usual Oceania Island Living fair.

Meet Charlie our new family addition.

It's been a hard puppy days night!

This crazy energetic midnight black bundle of a Labrador retriever pup has been trying to chew everything in sight - nothing can be left on the floor unattended.

As an interior designer it's been quite a challenge, not too dissimilar to having a crazy toddler around. The positive side of this is that our daughter now readily packs up herself because if not charlie will, permanently.

Of all the boxes to chew on, this ones made for Charlie!

Happy Island Styling - woof woof!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Summer all year round

It maybe the start of Autumn in Australia, but here at Oceania Island Living its summer all year round.

image khd

Interestingly, House and Gardens latest poll seems to reflect that sentiment as the desirable interior style sort after. They asked which classic interior style do you like best. The majority answered The Hamptons.

This goes to prove that the coastal lifestyle never dates, never tires and never seizes to inspire.

Happy Island Styling!